First donation!

Baby Bitcoin, as it had established in its road map, ensured that on the 19th of this month, were going to make a donation to a foundation. This was accomplished and once again proved to not only to be a simple “meme token”

Yesterday, July 19, the long-awaited donation of about US $ 5,000 was made to a foundation for children in situations of social and health vulnerability.

The person in charge of making this happen was Julio Romero, who within the “Baby Bitcoin” team is in charge of Public Relations and Logistics.

The charity event was held at the EXODO foundation facilities in the Republic of El Salvador.


The team at Baby Bitcoin BBTC would like to report the following :

🔸As we all know or were aware, today Monday, July 19, was established as the day in which the team here behind this project, as well as its community, would carry out the first of many charitable acts (which is the main purpose of this project).

🔸The “Salvadoran Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer Foundation” was going to be the first beneficiary of this project, however, due to issues that are out of our hands and control, and was influenced by the resource management part of the foundation, they decided to decline the donation. The Baby Bitcoin team respects this decision by the foundation, looking forward to working together on future projects with them.

🔸Due to this decision, backup measures were taken and the support was granted to the following foundation on the list, of which we leave more information below:


“We are a Christian non-governmental organization created to restore the lives of children at social risk through a model of excellence that provides care in the physical, academic, vocational, emotional, social and spiritual areas in a family environment.”

🔸This foundation was selected due to the excellent work it does for the benefit of children at risk, as well as the values it represents, fully in line with the objective and vision of the BBTC project.

Exodus foundation website:

🔸 The team at Baby Bitcoin thanks each and every one of you for being part of this project and reminds you that this donation is from the entire community to the foundation.

🔸This is the first step of many in the process of helping children out there who need it.



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