Powabit Token

Utility token and rewards to empower the ecosystem.

Powabit ($POWA)

A utility token focused on enhancing the functionalities of the different applications in the ecosystem.

In the ecosystem we have Token Partners (BBTC and EATH) that will participate in the functionality of several modules, but in some cases they may have limitations for certain dynamics (they are not mintable and have commissions on transactions).

That is why we decided to integrate a standard bep-20 token that complements our Token Partners.

The Powabit token ($POWA) is used as utility currency and rewards in the four main modules of the ecosystem (PowaDAP, PowaList, PowaNFT and PowaEX). With the POWA token you can use tools in PowaDAP, place bets and receive rewards in Powa Worms (PowaNFT module NFT game), buy upgrades and contract services in PowaList, pay fees and multi-stake in PowaEX.

In addition, all coins in the Powabit ecosystem will constantly receive capital injections automatically through the income of the ecosystem’s dapps in BNB, BUSD and USDT.


Burn, burn and burn

The token features burn functionality with supply reduction.

Integrating our token to the different modules presents many opportunities for constant and automatic burning.

In PowaDAP, several of the platform’s features will allow the use of both the partner tokens and the Powabit token. These will burn a percentage of the received tokens.

In the case of our NFT game, the token will play an important role in it, but not like the typical inflationary rewards, quite the opposite, to constantly burn it!

And as well as these examples, many mechanisms will be presented that allow the automatic burning of Powabit ($POWA).


Staking / Multi-Staking

Multi-Staking is an investment tool, present in PowaEX, focused on seeking stability in the value of rewards. If you deposit a coin, the system will not give you rewards in a single coin, but will analyze the market value of all participating projects to give you a package of distributed assets seeking to generate a more stable value in monetary terms, fighting in this way with the volatility of a single market.

In addition to having a conventional staking dapp for the token, it will also participate in our Multi-staking program in PowaEX, which will increase the diversity and investment opportunities in said tool.


The power of union

Both the Powabit token and our partner tokens will receive liquidity injections and automatic buybacks, from the investments and capital inflows that are generated on the different platforms of the ecosystem, giving a constant boost to the markets.


Main features:

*¹ At the point of 100,000 POWA, it will be sought that there are no less than that number of tokens available for circulation. Read information about our Transparency Policy.

Initial distribution:

Private presale: 9.108%
Public presale: 21.9375%
Pre-sale liquidity: 11.221875%
Utility in the ecosystem and development: 20.590625% *¹
Powabit ecosystem team and collaborators: 8%
Weekly Burns: 29.142% *²

*¹ Most of the tokens for utility and development are blocked with a vesting of up to 2 months, in the event that their use is not necessary at that time, their blocking will be renewed.

*² We decided that this percentage of tokens will be burned at the launch of the project (using the supply reduction system) progressively for 3 weeks. The tokens are locked with a vesting and every week 1/3 of the total (approximately 10% of the supply) is released and will burn instantly, significantly reducing the amount of surrounding tokens and giving them more value.

How to buy $POWA?


Be attentive to our roadmap (powabit.com/#roadmap), as well as our official channel (t.me/powabit). Where updates related to the official Powabit token ($POWA) will be announced. On this page, the contract, pre-sale and other relevant information of the token will be announced. Do not fall for scams with other contracts that are disclosed outside of our official channels.